RSS Apartment


NCB has worked in order to give a new appearance to an apartment located into an elegant and characteristic Liberty building, supervised from Fine Arts, placed in Prague, in the Staré Město central zone. Starting from the idea of respecting the original pre-existent traits, NCB’s project focused on the functional layout redefinition and also on the addition of new technological systems.

The intention was to favour the preservation of the original distributive layout with the aim of working with addition into single wide volumes, generating new reduced points of hallway and service able to allow a better supply of technical systems punctually in different rooms, avoiding to affect pre-existing walls.

After restoring original windows and doors, also the pavement has been totally re-assembled starting from the pre-existing parquet traces recovered under the more recent pvc floor; skilled craftsmen payed a particular care in order to preserve and save the perimetric and  overhead gypsum decorations.

As a result, interiors have to adapt to the pre-existences, supporting a sober and sophisticated solution which come to life through a chromatic walls continuity, finished with a special grey-clay painting, water and natural pigment based, which because of its silky and dense effect is able to enhance the natural light variation and the shadows depth.

As typical, NCB chose a reduced and selected palette of ingredients in order to leave importance to custom furnishings proportions, to décor and textile design richness, to art; a direction which could not be linked to a minimalistic purpose, but actually to a compositional balance research able to transmit comfort and naturalness. These interiors, after all, are used for short stays and its hospitality philosophy can be traced back to architectural lowest common denominators, able to immediately establish empathy and a sense of belonging. Elegance and luxury are delegated to little details which could be perceived from conscious and attentive eyes.