Relais Le Fabriche


The terroir of Le Fabriche is located in the Maruggio area, a few kilometers away from the sea, at the foot of the Tarantine murge in Apulia. The area is characterized by an agricultural continuum of olive groves and vineyards, already renowned at the time of Magna Grecia.

The site's recovery and enhancement program has been defined with the client, to create an elegant charming buen retiro, dedicated to lovers of natural beauty and the wine produced by the company, a few steps from crystal clear waters and within an agricultural land full of colors, scents and spontaneous vegetation.

The works included the arrangement of the farm, the recovery of the old masseria and its areas, the construction of new bodies intended for guests in direct relationship with the vineyard. The heart of the intervention was the renovation of the historic rural building, with the simultaneous recovery of the internal courtyard and the sheepfold. The need to integrate new indispensable functional volumes to the original building has driven the design strategy towards the search for an architectural solution capable of ensuring unity to the whole operation without depriving it of its original aspects.

The Studio worked around the concept of architectural stitching to highlight the historical and volumetric relationships and stratigraphy between the original farmhouse and the additions, working on harmonizing materials, textures and color palette to build a pure atmosphere, consistent with the site and local tradition. The interiors of the farmhouse are strictly conceived in relation to the external courtyards and the own landscape, creating a system of fluid and natural connections between the different rooms, all characterized by stone vaults and light lime plaster. For the internal courtyards, the aim was to recreate a vegetal and material microcosm in close relationship with the surrounding landscape, with natural stone floors that connect the different bodies with the green areas.

The new buildings intended to become rooms have been designed with the purpose of respecting the natural topography of the farm and ensuring maximum privacy. The solution of two twin and parallel buildings, in line with an old farm road, ensured a proportionate placement in the landscape. The volumes are characterized by a pure and rigorous composition, whose design is clearly inspired by the typologies of Italian and Mediterranean modernism and the forms of the spontaneous rural architecture of Salento.

Indoor and outdoor are conceived as a unicum, in direct relationship with the countryside. Interiors have been designed to offer an experience of great naturalness and comfort, refined and timeless, through the use of natural materials, textures and finishes drawn from local tradition.