NR Apartment


This apartment is located into a beautiful historical building in the Silent Quadrilateral in Milan, just a few steps from Villa Necchi Campiglio and Palazzo Fidia.

Starting from the owner’s request for a totally re-consideration of the spaces, also with the necessity of including the presence of an authentic art collection, the project has been developed trying to maintain the original layer of the previous action realized by Gregotti Studio.

The interior layout used to be characterized by a sequence of spaces inspired by old town shapes; so, as well as the urban grid, corridors and passages have been thought dynamically according to the different rooms, also with a variety of heights able to create a unique kinetic experience and an ever-changing perception of volumes.

During the new disposition, careful subtractions and re-compositions of partitions have been implemented, working on punctual action aimed to improve comfort and services in order to generate a balanced privacy between public and private spaces. Another point of focus was the integration and the screening of a new air-conditioning system. Lighting concept has been totally redefined according to the position of some masterpieces.

In the aim of promoting the rich composition of volumes, the materials palette has been composed with a few precious elements: brushed oak slats on the floor, Piasentina stone as covering, walls in white zinc slaked lime, brushed grey glass pivoting panels. Doors, as well as in the previous action, have been camouflaged thanks to flush solutions.

Most of the furnitures have been custom-made: according to the master concept every single element has been projected as a little architecture at the service of the main spaces, using well-thought materials and design in order to give priority to general volumes composition. Also decoration follows the sober and elegant mood of the apartment, using natural textiles such as linen or cotton in their warm tones.

This project represents an exercise of style rigorously following the Milan mind-way, looking for the right balance between interiors and exteriors with the aim of defining an aesthetic identity, congruent not just in formal terms.