Domus Academy

Milano. Italy - 2020

The enhancement strategy for the historic Bacco's building in Via Fucini 2 as the headquarters of a new design Academy, starts from the functional and aesthetic reinterpretation of the internal courtyard area and its façades.

The need to construct a new lift body to serve the building and the overall reorganization of the interior spaces according to the new uses, orient the project towards a pragmatic and essential architectural solution.

The concept focuses on the development of a new plate - courtyard surrounded by a light and harmonious portico system, which embraces and unifies the elevations with the new vertical elements, conceived to host a "vegetable skin" that gives the site a sense of well-being and naturalness.

The relationship between the courtyard's voids and solids is defined through a contemporary compositional grammar, the restyling of the internal windowed compartments - characterized by projecting metal frames in dialogue with the larger continuous windowed façades - the invention of a stepped hypogeum garden, which resolves the relationship between the basement laboratory spaces.