Casa Faro


The house is placed on the east side of Favignana Island – Egadi, into a wide garden enclosed by dry-stone walls and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub overlooking the bay of the sea between Cala del Bue Marino and Punta Marsala.

The original owners’ will was that of creating two different residential units. After some functional and market analysis together with NCB, it’s been decided to considering the house as a unicum, composed of two symmetric volumes both independent and groupable, having different layouts in order to flexibly meet the guests needs.

The patio, according with the rural architectural topics, represents the centripetal element of the concept since it establishes a relation between the volumes, thanks to a textile sails screened pergola. The two short and stretched buildings are also surrounded by shaded porches and covered by a walkable terrace, recovering the residential style typical of the Egadi and Mediterranean context.

Interiors have been thought in relation with the patio, the huge garden and the outdoor spaces; bedrooms, even if they have big windows, manage to guarantee intimacy and privacy.

Finishings have been selected with the aim of creating a spatial continuum between inside and outside. According to this approach, it’s been used a very special cementitious resin for floors, soft and with warm tones, able to satisfy both outdoor and indoor technical requirements. In the same way, this recipe has been used also for bathrooms walls. The other faces have been finished with warm tones white lime plaster, which perfectly absorb and soften the typical Favignana’s strong light.

Custom furnitures, accessories and home decor are definitely unusual, following the owners’ will of going beyond the Sicilian mood clichè, but at the same time moderating  colours and nuances with architectural neutral tones and landscape’ signs. 

Creating a typical Mediterranean garden of 15.000 smq it’s been another important point of the project, designed together with Vivai del Sole based in Marsala. The green plan, which required a dialogue with the local Superintendence, introduces two different topics according to a longitudinal property division linked to the house positioning. The west area has been thought as a olive garden arranged in rows and balanced with lavender and local aromatic shrubs; on the other side, the frons scenae overlooking the sea, it’s been planned as a big natural green plate, defined on either side with two more wild and dense portion of native and Mediterranean vegetation. Here, some outdoor services have been placed: a little pool, a food preparation station and a groundskeeping point, which all can be covered with nautical fabric stretched over poles during summertime.