AB Apartment


This fascinating apartment in the XVI Arrondissement is not the habitual Haussmann model, nor the typical patinè taste renovation project. The Italian-French couple owners wanted to preserve the esprit original at the time of the building conception, respecting the 50’s geometry and layout designed by the architect Andrè Roux.

NCB operation follows the boundary of the pre-existence in order to optimize some functional solutions philologically directed, also with the aim of generating comfortable and family current-needs spaces. Original floors have been restored, old windows have been replaced with new iron ones looking similar, new retractable openings have been created to establish better relations among spaces, some passages have been enlarged in order to bring more light in the central entrance, bathrooms and wardrobes layout has been reconsidered.

Custom furnishings have been designed with the aim of achieving a geometric and chromatic continuity along different interiors, totally merging with recesses and subwindows and giving more importance to the exclusive collection of antique furnitures, artworks and paintings, which are the great passion of the owner. Finishings have been chosen according to the French interior canons at the time, using natural colours of oak, gentle white and grey nuances, Italian and French noble marbles. Carrying on the customer requests, NCB realized a place “with an authentic taste of experienced spaces, an elegant and pure style, without rhetoric. This is a residence to welcome and to gather after the chaotic tour around the Parisian boulevard”.