location: Taranto

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water“.

| Loren Eiseley |

The design of the spa was included in the restoration works of  the “masseria” in San Pietro sul Mar Piccolo. This project has involved the conversion of dome T shaped old farm buildins tha open on to the surronding contryside. We have designed a “box in box” concept, creating a path that goes through the whole building, sometimes hiding and other times revealing the pre-existing wooden roof trusses. This idea is enhanced by a lighting system tha uses both

natural and artificial light to create a continous alternation of light and shadows. The heart of the inside space is called th “Laguna del Mar Piccolo” [Mar Piccolo Lagoon], a relaxation area designed to be the opposite of a n impluvium, which means that water are not collected in a central sunken part of the floor, but on its sides. The outdoor parts have been designed to be closely related to the interior sight, always keeping the Apulian landscape in mind. One of the pools has been made by restoring a tufa extraction area, whose winding silhouete resembles the contour of the Mar Piccolo.