location: Valderice

You can live the architecture but the art must be watched; this is a fundamental difference. The architecture is a physical and sensorial experience“.

| Ettore Sottsass |

The project was related to the restoration of a Baglio in the Erice territory, subject to constraint of historical and artistic interest by the Superintendency of Architectural Heritage. The project, starting from the need of the owner of adapting the property for residential purposes, was confronted with the necessity of the protection of its morphological, typological and constructive aspects. The distribution system and the scheme of composition of solids and voids

elevations have been preserved, as well as materials and the use of traditional building techniques. Finally, it was predicted adapt structures to seismic risk. The property, entirely made in masonry, is equipped with a main block of two floors and a secondary body consists of a single floor above ground. The location on a slope with sea view suggested the enhancement of the existing terracing system obtaining gardens and outdoor environments at different altitudes. In addition to the living areas and master night, 2 suites have been designed for guests and rooms for reading and relax. In parallel to the realization of specific home automation systems for controlling consumption and energy savings, the project has been optimized using natural ventilation and olar panels.