location: Milan

The most durable material in construction is art“.

| Gio Ponti – Amate l’architettura  |

The apartment lies in a vary nice area in the centre of Milan, near the old city walls. The needs of the new owners have driven us to re-design the layout and all of the furnishings, which have been custom-made to their requirements, with new materials and some innovative functional aspects. The previous laout of the apartment, which dates back to the Seventies, was designed by the Studio Gregotti in the style of an urban area, with corridors and rooms alternating like streets and squares. 


The new layout has been designed as a natural extension of the previous one, boosting its coherence and value. The most used materials are solid oak parquet planks and Piasentina stone, while some of the most valuable pieces of furniture are made of unusual materials, such as burnished brass and Calacatta marble. The walls are painted in snow-white plaster to allow light to flood into the rooms. The apartment hosts a collection of contemporary art, for which we have designed special lightingand an exhibition layout: the artistic experience becomes part of everyday life, creating the concept of an “art house”.