location: Saronno

Contemporary is not necessarily modern “.

| Ezio Bonfanti – Nuovo e moderno in architettura |

This project has been commissioned in order to add a residential building to a pre-existing garage. The design strategy reflects the need to exploit verticality, avoiding the loss of further land, while respecting the lofty surrounding landscape. The project derives from the idea of a double stone wall that virtually “wraps” around the transparent surface of the valley front façade. On one hand, this choice intended to hide the zinc-alloy and titanium roof. On the other hand, it perfectly suited the solid verticality of the fortnesses in the Valtellina valley.

The textured rock wallside, highly featured by slot windows, satisfies the traditions of the local architecture that embraces an irregular sequence and an anti-geometrical layout of empty and full spaces. Such denied regularity is typical of the so-called “spontaneous” architecture, particularly visible in the neighboring area. The surrounding enviroment further inspires the crystal clear front side, through which the endless charm of nature is welcomed home. The northern back façade, however, is less openly exposed, to provide for privacy. Wooden cladding and windows complete the backside wall.