location: Saronno

Originality is returning to the origin“.

| Antoni Gaudì  |

Our clients wanted to extend their house, a villa dating back to the Thirties, located in beech and hornbeam parkland near Varese. The project is a careful combination between creating the highest possible increase in volume whilst ensuring not to radically change the architectural features of the original building. Built with continuous concrete foundations, bearing walls and concrete and masonry slabs, this house had binding stability limits. Therefore, we designed a metalwork fabrication structure with a copper covering 


made in laboratory and dry mounted, which has the combined advantage of supporting the building’s weight and allowing it to fall into the energy efficency category class B, thanks to special insulationg materials. The new roofing has been arranged in a way that allows solar panel to be installed without damaging the 20th century look of the house. The new design enhances the natural characteristics af the villa, respecting its historical and architectural features, by evoking the traditional late 19th century mansards. With regards to the interiors, we have modified the layout of the rooms on the first floor and designed all the furniture, adding high technology elements that fit perfectly into the architectural context of the villa.