location: Taranto

It is clear that knowing history is not enough. We need to analyse it with a specific aim in order to be able to create unprecedented works“.

| Ernesto Nathan Rogers – Esperienza dell’architettura |

The restoration works of this large “masseria” in San Pietro sul Mar Piccolo were completed under the design supervision of Culti S.r.l., in order to create a high quality resort. This project combines landscape enhancement and respect for the historical value of the building. We have proceeded with precise restoration, trying to enhance the relationship between the old farmhouse and the adjacent land. Through the renovation of its walls and the removal of excrescences, we have given the complex its original features back.

In addition to this, we have designed some clearly modern elements, halfway between architecture and design, to solve some technical issues and even for the custom-made furniture, in order to provide our client with a turnkey product. Special attention has been given to the lighting, seen both as a key element in comfort and use of the building as a whole. We have design Led walkway lights and wall washers for the shared spaces and fabric covered light for romms and suites. Together with the rooms, the facilites and the reception, specially designed to optimise existing spaces and reduce demolition works, we have also created wellness spaces, in accordance with the concept that lies behind the whole project.