location: Prague
year: 2011

A city is not designed simply create itself alone. Just listen to it, because the city is a reflection of so many stories“.

| Renzo Piano |

Spaces within a prestigious building in Art Nouveau style facing Parizska, were recovered with a careful interior design aimed at enhancing the characters and the original decorations. The surgery has completely revised the original distribution of functions, reorganizing the main day spaces, fluid and interconnected along the prospectus of the Course; the technical area of ​​the kitchen has been conceived as volume inside the dining room, separated by a glass case in gray glass with sliding doors.

An area devoted to the wines was hidden, surprise, in a niche by the closure of a passage between the two rooms. For flooring it has been redesigned the oak flooring in accordance with the Superintendent, who also watched over all the recovery operations of the original decorative and pictorial components. In bathrooms, functional and bright, have been employed Italian stones of Puglia and Emperador Light marble, with special finishes that give the rooms a warm and rarefied. The furnishings, all plans and products in Italy, combine to create an elegant and harmonious architecture, in which are right accent fabrics, featuring padded and curtains, and decor.