location: Valderice

If you don’t climb the mountain, you will never be able to enjoy the views“.

| Pablo Neruda |

The project intended to restore and enhance an edge of the Ragosia’s slope, at the foot of Erice (Valderice), in the province of Trapani.
The static and architectural renovation of the building, inside the lot, was the central moment of this work of mending landscaping.
The preservation of the character of places and the provision of a new feature for the entire complex – also in a logic of future sustainability and maintainability – that was the goal, shared with customers, has driven the whole process of exploitation.
They were key moments of exchange and comparison with the structural engineer and the skilled workers involved, to encourage the use of consolidation and building protocols that perfectly harmonize with the environment.

However it has not given a contemporary architectural program that, through calibrated composition and the use of live and local materials, has rewritten a new page for the villa and the garden, which now also has a wing completely destined to guests .
Important it was also the work of recovery, restructuring and consolidation of the original paths and walkways, characterized by tuff columns, floors covered in brick, stone and decorated pottery, made by the previous ownership probably the oldest traces of the original paths, from the coast , they scrambled up to the Erice mountain. and for which it is wished to give proper prominence.
The study, with every detail: the interior, with individual designed furniture and coordinating the selection of furnishings and accessories, in perfect harmony with the client; the lighting; the outodoor, with the creation of a spa overlooking the sea towards the coast of Bonagia; the architecture of the secret garden; the redefinition of the park with the redevelopment of the driveways and walkways.