location: Origgio [VA]

Discovery is the ability to be puzzled by simple things“.

| Noam Chomksy |

The project is developed in a suburban lot in the province of Varese, inserted into a larger master plan features a prescriptive regulation and binding. Within this rigid framework, the project intended to explore the best conditions of composition, distribution and function to advance a form of living governed by an architectural vision of the building. The design program promotes a harmonious relationship between interior and exterior spaces, in a logic of relations and visual axes projected onto the garden, designed to ensure privacy and

security than about. In analogy with certain types of rural territory, the side galleries are the major compositional elements, the wings on which is inscribed, and you pack the central casing of the building. The result is a degrading architectural volume, slender and not symmetrical. The careful choice of materials he wanted to rewrite in a more contemporary form the relationship with the local tradition in the use of brick. The interiors are warm and bright, enriched by the experience of large volumes exposed and selected solid and natural materials – stone and piasentina oak planks – are designed and calibrated to meet the needs of comfort and privacy dictated by the client.