location: Maruggio

Path that clear their way through the open space on the bare earth. My earth, my stony homeland, lashed by the wind“.

| Giulio Giovanni Siena  – Poesie di Puglia |

This project renovates an area of the Apulian countryside, near the small village of Maruggio, in the province of Taranto, where there lies an old “masseria”, a tradition large farmhouse, typical of Southern Italy. The designers have drawn their inspiration from the school of Mediterranean Modernism, interpreting the elements of the Apulian landscape: its distinguishing marks and character.

The Resort “Le Fabriche” lies in an area characterised by vineyard and ancient olive trees. It is the result of the renovation of an old “masseria” and its sheepfold, where you can now find a resturant and a lounge, and the costruction of new buildings designed to host the suites. The architectural project focuses on the importance of the area surrounding the construction, and is aimed at finding a harmonious blend between buildings and nature. The project was carried out with a local construction material – the Trani stone – with different finishes and laying techniques.