location: Trani

When you restore a building you recognise it as a work of art with its double soul, the aesthetic and the historical one“.

| Cesare Brandi  – Teoria del restauro |

The restoration works on Palazzo Telesio i nTrani were completed under the design supervision of Culti S.r.l., who commissioned the creation of the Marè Resort & Spa Hotel, a beautiful hotel with resturant and wellness centre. The building looks out on to the harbour, boasting gorgeous views of the sea and the skyline of the old town.

The project has involved careful reinterpretation, respectful of the original layout of the palace. The hotel facilities are located on the ground floor, meanwhile the spa rooms can be found in the basement. The suites are situeted onthe first floor, and up on terrace are the lounge bar and funtion rooms. Our firm has been entrusted with the task of designing the interior of the building, the furniture and the lighting.