location: Milano

Between your stones and your fogs do resort. I rest in the Cathedral Square. Instead of stars every night come on words. Nothing rests in life like life“.

| Umberto Saba |

The project has involved the study of the apartment in the recovery and renovation of the Palace of the Veneranda Fabbrica which historically, since its creation, was designed by the engineer in charge and chief Fabbriceria to patrol the static and Maintenance Safety of Milan Cathedral. Already the subject of accretions, perhaps coeval with the renovations of the ground floor by Ignazio Gardella in 1957, the spaces have been refurbished with a neat and timely intervention, starting from the adjustment and integration of electrical, water and sanitation services, up the definition of targeted

structural consolidation and functional reorganization of a service rooms. Through stratigraphic analyzes of the funds of the walls, it was possible to assess the evolution of historical colors, which gave many ideas for the definition of new decorative and chromatic apparatus for each environment. Have been refurbished the wooden flooring, the decorative elements of the cornices and raised ceilings, grand windows and original dark. In the realization of the new bathrooms, the design and the materials used have been made of the Milanese tradition, while the kitchen were made new specially designed coatings.
The study also drew all designed furniture and rearranged, in collaboration with the client, the antiques and art works that give these spaces, literally overlooking the Duomo, a contemporary timeless appeal.