location: Milan

The greatest ideas are the simplest“.

| William Golding |

Asked to define a wall case for glasses, replacing an element already present in the Milan shop and extensible to other outlets of JIL SANDER in the world, NCBARCHITETTURA designed an alternative concept with two purposes:

– keep unaltered the compositional balance of the original project

– resolve logistical arrangements for the introduction of the new collection of eyewear in different outlets without an invasive intervention in the architectural structure of the shop.

From these considerations led to the idea of an exclusive tray-box door glasses appropriately allocated within the existing exhibitor and by virtue of its architectural proportions, that can develop suggestive and flexible exposure scenarios.

The novelty of the proposal is the idea of the presentation more akin to jewelry shop and luxury accessory.

The materials used are corian, mirroring steel, lacquered wood, that have helped to set up a sophisticated and elegant image and at the same time a solid and functional system to evoke a synthesis of values always clearly recognizable in the Jil Sander brand identity.