concept: NCB Architettura

“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either”.

| Marshall Mc Luhan |

More and more often in the context of the everyday life, agricultural products are seen as pure items of exchange, eradicated from their reproductive cycle and isolated from the land of provenance. The dichotomy between urban living and country life is nowadays so strongly abused, that the young generations will soon be deprived of any knowledge and reference to the agricultural processes and natural cycles-based systems. Systems where the geographic connotation, the importance of cycles and the agronomic technologies and techniques together contribute to the genuine quality of the final product. The Green Egg project was born from these concepts and from an idea of the studio NCB ARCHITETTURA (based in Milan) in cooperation with FONDAZIONE MINOPRIO (Vertemate). Green Egg is a ready-made, micro sized and designed for schools greenhouse that, relying on its new provoking form, aims at involving the students in thematics like farm production and nutritional education. The Egg-like shape is a symbol for life and regeneration, suggesting a protected and safe

environment, where seeds can grow and kids have the opportunity to live a full experience of the whole biological cycle of a vegetable or a fruit. Design and technology then become levers to amplify their curiosity and a feeling of wonder and participation throughout the educational project.The reduced dimension of the object itself, together with the integrated technologies, allow for Green Egg to be placed also in confined spaces, so that the children will favor a direct and immediate access to the greenhouse and its products.
Planned as a biosphere, Green Egg guarantees the maximum efficiency: power- generation based on the use of solar panels, and water storage thanks to the circulation system and the collection of rain water. The internal temperature is regulated by a climate panel that controls the automatic opening and closing of the windows, and the onand- off switching of the infrared lamps. The irrigation is managed by programmable clocks, that controls submersible pumps in order to bring water to the pallets. Green Egg offers the option of a technical upgrade in the like of a system for the automatic monitoring of the plants and the recoding of all the relevant data, for further studies on the reproductive cycle and a better evaluation of its consumables.. | visit: