concept: NCB Architettura

“When you walk into a hotel room and shut the door, you know there is a secret, a luxury, a fantasy.”

| Diane von Furstenberg  |

Concept for the valorisation of a former monastic structure in the center of Grottaglie. Core of the concept is the contrast between sacred and profane, between tradition and innovation. Through the dichotomy of furnishings that recall the monastic spirit – in the colors and materials – and solutions that reinterpret the characteristic forms of the 50s, the project aims to create a comfortable space, where the welcome and hospitality become masters of house.

Concept Logo: Elaborated from the triangular shape is born from a reworking of the polar star, or star with eight cusps, symbolic presence that often arises in religious and architectural contexts. From the logo derives a matrix that becomes rhomboidal form, symbol for the creation of the textures, graphic pattern – for use as decorative textures in the realization of coatings and horizontal surfaces, as well as for all the brand identity of the hotel.