concept: NCB Architettura

“One of the greatest pleasures of the human spirit is to predicts the order of nature and measure its investment to the order of things; the work of art seems to be a masterpiece of human order.”

| Onzenfant and Le Corbusier |

The thought of one of the great masters of architecture becomes material element, tangible tool, within which move freely. A message of extreme actuality.
Le Corbusier sees the house as a “machine à habiter”, a fully functional organism, within which identifies 6 IMMEDIATE NEEDS OF LIVING, originated and developed around the measures and the Human Body proportions: WATCH – DEFINE – OPEN – EXCLUDE – ESTABLISH – GIVE THE LANDSCAPE A HUMAN SCALE.

The exhibition, conceived in a historical and linguistic logical

consistency with the brand identity of the brand and in continuity with the characteristics of showroom space, develops and enacts the 6 aforementioned concepts, trying to find a close relationship between the theoretical assumptions of living of Le Corbusier’s machine and the objects of the Master which promote its implementation at a functional level – emotional, the elements and furnishing systems of LC50 series.

The Set provides for the definition of 6 thematic islands in the area assigned with the intent to define a striking graphic and architectural microcosm, very permeable, consisting of platforms that promote circulation and permanence of users within the space. Each platform intends to support and deepen an individual “needs”, building around the furnishing elements of the series LC50, selected specifically for their strong expressive and evocative power of the concept itself.

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