concept: NCB Architettura
2014 – 2016

“In the everyday rituals we have forgotten the value of time needed to build things and to define the meaning of our existence. For this reason we have decided to mark the birth of these precious objects, not to forget that we are at a given time, and right now we are called to make our contribution to a society that protects its origins and its best traditions.”

Anna Ruggiero and Massimo Fumarola, tenacious couple in life and work, inherit the historic FAMILY company. Founded in 1960, when Cosimo, Anne’s father, just returned from Venezuela after a long work experience, opened a small workshop for the processing of marble.

Over the years they have transformed, with love and passion, the small workshop in an important and qualified reality which told from Locorotondo, with grace and elegance to the whole world, the beauty, the warmth and flavor of stone and marble from Puglia, with all its range of colors, textures and forms inspired by the Mediterranean.

Their mission was immediately clear: recover the knowledge and rituals of the ancient manual traditions of master masons and stonecutters who with their art they built with patience and dedication, the ancient culture of the Itria Valley Stone Architectures, numbered Unesco world heritage for the beauty of its landscape.

Today the laboratory combines with great mastery the tradition techniques with the most advanced production technologies, in order to provide the highest quality projects.

In 2007, during the supply of stones for a construction site on the Mar Piccolo of Taranto, Massimo has meet two young architects of Milan

who were coordinating with passion, local workers for the design of what would become one of the most charming Mediterranean resort.

Since then, the common passion for a subject so fascinating and persistent, mutual respect and friendship, have fueled the relationship between the laboratory and the study.

When Anna and Massimo have felt the need to give life to a new project, dedicated to the creation of accessories and pieces of furniture in limited editions and small series with the aim to enhance and preserve the craft of stone, it was natural involve the study NCB ARCHITECTURE.

Thus it was born Apetra, Italian brand, which caters to those who in the world are able to appreciate the absolute values related to the matter, to the history and forms of expression of Italian and Mediterranean stone, beyond the fashions and time.

The pieces in the collection are decorative items of daily use. Their design is inspired by the dense and sinuous language of the Mediterranean nature and its rural and urban landscapes, traces of which we witness steps of ancient cultures.

In modern lines exude the preciousness and the care of details that enhance the matter and the man who transforms it using techniques and finishes manuals retrieving the stone from the ancient tradition.

Each piece is unique to processing, for textures, for the different color and natural characteristics of the stone.

Objects are numbered and carved with the date of birth that delivers them from matter to human hands.